Healing Lucid Dreams

The images featured on this page come from a series of my own lucid dreams. These seem intimations of the actual images—merely approximations—but I hope they convey the immediacy and presence of each image. Meister Eckhart has observed: "When the soul wants to experience something it throws up an image and steps into it." Eckhart's words serve as a good introduction to these lucid dream images.

Click on the lucid dream image if you would like to read the actual lucid dream.

It is important to remember that these dreams came after a time of mediation and prayer and were entered into in the spirit of surrender. From top to bottom, these images appear in the order in which they emerged in the series of dreams.

Most esoteric traditions have a lot to say about the Realms of Light, but for now, these lines from a poem by Rumi sum up the experience of such realms:

Go die, O man of honor, before you die,
So that you will not suffer the pangs of death,
Die in such a way as to enter the abode of light,
Not the death that places you in the grave.