Submit Your Lucid Dreams of Psycho-Spiritual Transformation

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Have you had a lucid dream that transformed your life? I am collecting accounts of numinous lucid dreams of surrender for a pring-on-demand book on Lucid Dream Alchemy.

If you would like to submit your dream, please send it to my email as an attached Word document. Write your dream in the present tense. Include the following:

  • The life context for the dream.
  • The trigger for lucidity.
  • Your experience of surrender (or of not surrendering).
  • What happened after lucidity. What kind of imagery appeared.
  • What brought you out of the lucid state.
  • The effects the dream has had on your waking life.
  • See Lucid Imagery for examples of the type of text I’m requesting.

While I cannot reimburse you for the submission financially, you will have the opportunity to share your lucid dream experience with others.

In submitting your dream you are giving me permission to use the material and edit it as necessary for a print-on-deman hardcopy. All submissions will remain anonymous.

Thank you for your contribution!