The Crystal Tubes

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This dream comes after having come through a challenging time at work. Feel a huge relief and weariness.

I walk along the sea and pass by a large granite stone with a streak of bright green moss running along the centre from top to bottom. I stop to admire the green. When I touch the moss, an intense joy runs through me as the thought comes: “The green is the Holy Spirit.” With this awareness, lucidity comes.

This time, my being feels pulled backwards onto the black winds very fast and hard. Sing a holy hymn. It is impossible to think or wonder. But then the speed slows and I find myself in a space filled with cubes and other geometric forms of light. Two thoughts come: the first is “Here are the cubes.” The second, “Now I am in Plato’s realm of ideal forms” because both have appeared in other lucid dreams. However, at this point, the edges of the cubes angle out and surprise me by turning into crystalline shapes.

Then it feels my being gets taken through a beautiful, immense, mine tunnel of light crystals. This goes on for some time. At the end of the “tunnel” there are forms of tubular light packed tight like crystal organ pipes. They rain their light down as music on me. When the light touches the crown of my “head,” all sense of separation disappears. The light fills me, is me, purifies, cleanses, and renews me. But it is not just me somehow that is filled, it is Life itself. The feeling is of complete delight, wonder, and humility.

This again goes on for some time and then I sense a subtle shift in my awareness and feel my being lifted up as if from the bottom of a deep sea into waking consciousness and back into a dream with my dream teacher by the sea. I would like to go swimming. Then I awake.

Like the dream in which the numinous numbers appear, this dream is a case of a lucid dream within a dream. After lucidity my dreambody re-emerges in the original dream that sparked the lucidity. At such times, I am aware of the lucid state that I have left behind. It always makes for a curious combination and can happen many times within the same lucid dream so that I become aware of different dimensions of consciousness at the same time.