The Emerald

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Back at work after summer holidays, working towards meeting conditions that make me feel like Psyche when she’s asked to sort grains of wheat. The tasks feel insurmountable. The following dream comes as a comfort.

In a dream, find myself in a large room in which a painting my height and width hangs opposite me.  A lovely woman stands to the right of the painting. She intends for me to receive the work. As I approach the image, I realise instantly that it represents an abstract image of the Lucid Reality.

This realization fills me with joy. I note a white, large central circle that is centred in organic mirroring shapes that are like graceful white stencils against a deep black background. Four, black bands support the white centre. The form reminds me of a mandala, or rather the entire image is the centre of the mandala, the Source of All.

When I understand that this image is connected to my third eye or inner eye, full lucidity comes. As I focus on this realization, the rest of the dream falls away and the white circle becomes a large 12-sided emerald surrounded by blackness. I have the strange feeling that this stone has lodged between my brows. Apart from the intensity of the feeling, there is nothing else but my awareness of the crystal set against the black.

With this awareness my being slowly comes into waking consciousness moving back through the blackness into the morning light.

A few days later, when watching the Prayer vigil held at Hyde Park by the Pope, I am struck by how similar the image of the monstrance holding the moon-white body of Christ is to the central image of the dream painting.