The Purple Sphere

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As so often before a lucid dream, I had had an intense time at work implementing new structures at the same time as I was getting my head around the new position. I wake up around 4:00am and sing prayers.

As I begin to fall asleep an image of a large, black bear emerges from a large round glass container. I follow the bear to a mighty river where it scoops out large fish onto the bank for a meal. I see the bear as a part of me. Then, someone gives me a letter in a blue envelope. I think of how a letter in a dream can bring guidance and with this awareness become lucid.

As in previous lucid dreams, as I bow my head, the dreamscape falls away and in a flash the dreamscape and my dream body dissolve and my being is taken on the winds through the Holy darkness into a polygon of white beams of light. The only thought there feels room for comes spontaneously as I hear myself singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Power and Might Heaven and Earth are full of your glory. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” The matrix bathes me in a light that delights me.

Then the light coalesces into a large sphere of deep purple light that breathes against a backdrop of velvety black. A band of red rings the edge of the purple. The purple calls up the awareness of suffering and of divinity. For some time, I meditate on the qualities of the color.

The ball of color changes into a bright joyful yellow, also with a deep red around it and set against the blackness. All the while I am aware of light vibrating through my being. At that moment, I also become aware of a movement next to me in the bed and although I long to stay in the experience, with this awareness, the yellow and red dissolve all around me and I awake.

The white geometrical structure was a dodecahedron with pentagonal faces and multiple mirror plane symmetry. As an interesting aside, Joseph Kepler’s in his Harmonices Mundi, World Harmonies, uses the five polyhedra to represent the four elements and the universe. In his model, the dodecahedron depicts the universe—the four elements plus one.[23]

When inside these forms, I was bathed in the color forming the shape. Dr Nigel Hamilton once said in a lecture at the Centre where I trained in psychotherapy, “It’s not what we make of the colors that is important, but what the colors make of us.”  I experienced these color baths as a purification and an imbuing with the qualities of each hue.

The movement from a geometric structure to a sphere suggests an inward movement or deepening of awareness. After the dream, I was reminded that the color purple is in equal measure a combination of blue and red. Because of this, the color is often associated with balance and harmony.

Personally, what was present to me was the darkness within the light that gave it depth—as when at higher altitudes the sky seems a deep purple because less atmosphere is present to catch the light, and, as a result, the darkness of space changes the color from blue to purple.

In the chakra system, purple has associations with the 3rd eye or inner eye, which appears open in this dream. The Yellow generally has connections with the earth, so the color apparently shifts suggests a movement towards grounding. The color red outlining each sphere points towards a manifestation in life of the qualities revealed in the color.

As with the other images in this series, I have found the two spheres of light to be a source of comfort and rejuvenation whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed by life.