The Pyramid of Light

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Feeling overwhelmed at work, but also encouraged by the feedback from clients. Manage a few deeply felt prayers.

In the dream, a neighbor from my childhood days appears in a room with me at her present age, though I haven’t seen her in years. I feel surprised to see her there and recognize that it can’t be waking life. With this thought, semi-lucidity comes and I wonder, “Should I tell her she is in a dream with me?” And suddenly, it clicks: “I am dreaming!” As I bow my head, joy and surrender roll through me. In a flash, the dreamscape falls away and my consciousness is lifted onto Holy black winds.

These carry me what must be a long, long way, moving through me in streams of cleansing purity and joy. It is hard to say what direction. I wonder, in fact, if the feeling of movement seems an illusion, if actually my being remains in place and the wind moves. The power and ecstasy in this has an incredible intensity and the refrain from a hymn helps me to stay focused. Then, far off in the distance, I “see” a small, pulsating point of light.

As this comes nearer, the shape becomes the apex of a triangular form of light that rotates incredibly fast. “What is this? What can it be?” I wonder. After a time of waiting, the form becomes larger and takes shape. Then all at once an immense pyramid of light with four sides hovers before me. The outlines of what would be stones are of light so it is possible to see all dimensions within the pyramid. The thought comes to me that this is where the Egyptian, Imhotep, got the idea for the Great Pyramids.

The thought surprises me but there is not much time to be curious about this because the pyramid itself covers my being with the radiance of its intelligent design—all the loving care and thought that has gone into its intricate, well-planned, balanced formation is apparent. My awareness now feels contained in its form, a form full of the stillness of truth, beauty, light and love. I have no other thoughts and then again just as suddenly, my being is moved out of the pyramid back onto the winds.

 “The return” I think. For a moment, the old fear that I will be taken to the wrong place or unable to get back returns, but eventually I become aware of the bed and see from a great distance the rich texture of the velvet bedcover. I have the sense that my being moves through the fibers of the cover and find myself back in my physical body aware of the weight of the covers.

I do not wake up from the experience but rather fall into a deep dreamless sleep. When I do wake up some hours later, the lucid experience isn’t immediately present.  But then, it all comes flooding back and I am filled with the deep feeling of the dream. I feel struck by how heavily the conditioned mind veils the true reality with forgetfulness.

It felt very powerful and curious to feel the pyramid of light about me and to experience its qualities. It also seemed strange to have the sense that I was experiencing a structure that had living, archetypal qualities and an Intelligence all its own.