The Sea of Light

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In the night, wake up to the deep silence and pray. The prayers feel deep and full. The lucid experience comes directly out of this time of prayer.

My being is lifted onto the dark winds and pierced 4 or 5 times with an intense feeling of bliss. In response, I repeat “Oh Holy One” which is all that comes to mind as my faculties feel overwhelmed by the intense feelings. Then, it feels as if I’ve broken through a curtain of bliss and am moved again onto the black winds.

There is much power and force in this. To maintain my equilibrium, I can only manage to repeat the mantra of “Oh Holy One”. Still, a small pinprick of my consciousness remains curious about where the winds will take me this time. As with other experiences what is encountered seems to arise out of a still, infinite place where the winds cease.

This time, my being ends up surrounded by an endless black, shining sea in which delicate, laser white and gold patterns form. These beautiful patterns remind me of the salty traces on Earth’s moonlit seas, but this serves as a pale comparison. Again, I “see” my limbs as black against and within the contrast of the light’s lace-like patterns. It is hard to describe how the light moves through me like breath and weaves me into its soothing power.

In this immersion, my exhaustion and separateness melt away, and yet I am aware how my individual being is knowingly held and supported. I sense, too, that the sea of light also relishes this encounter. The all-encompassing experience has an achingly beautiful quality. Once again the thought comes that this exchange is to enable me to complete tasks in life.

And it seems strange to me that I realize that actually there remains no memory of the details of my life, nor the desire to remember, only the desire to share this sea of light in life. After some time, my being is lifted back onto the winds that bring me to a dreaming state until the morning alarm awakens me.

I awake feeling more certain this is a place we all return to in deep sleep but don’t usually remember.